Inductive Bible Study: Observation part 2

Online IA, United States

Learn  what Observation of scripture means and how to do this important step of Bible Study  yourself. Each online Training webinar  offers an opportunity to: Learn proven hermeneutical principles for correctly observing a passage of scripture Participate live  for the online training and get your questions answered Watch me demonstrate live how to correctly observeRead More

The Inductive Bible Study: Evaluation and Application

This lesson will be our final lesson for our FREE online Training on the Inductive Bible Study Method. It will give you the basic skills needed to correctly evaluate and apply the truths you find in the Scriptures.

The Topical Bible Study Approach

Online IA, United States

This lesson will introduce you to the basics of a topical Bible study  method: what it is, why you should  know about it and how to  effectively perform it. In essence, how do you effectively study a topic such as "speaking in tongues" or "faith"? This is where a topical Bible Study method comes inRead More

The Devotional Bible Study Approach

Online IA, United States

This is the most important approach to the scripture for every believer. In its essence, it captures God's original intent for the Word:  divine food for man to live by. We will review how we can adopt the Inductive Bible Study Method into a Devotional Approach of studying the Bible!